Christine Blackwell Hall

Profile Updated: July 1, 2017
Christine Blackwell
Residing In: Hagerstown, MD USA
Spouse/Partner: Lowell
Occupation: homemaker
Children: Raymond Christopher 1979, solar engineer (2 children, Sierra Marie, 1995, and Emmanuel, 2000)
Richard More…Charles, 1979, truck driver (3 kids, Richard Christopher, 1998, a firefighter, Christianna Marie, 2002 and Diana, 2005, both still in school, S/O Nikki)
Robert Edward, 1985, graphic artist, (self employed), (1 child, Gwyndolynn, 2016, S/O Lydia)
Bruce Augustus, 1989, mechanic, (1 child, Adalyn, 2015, wife, Zoe)
Yes! Attending Reunion

I am a refugee on the "Wrong Coast" and despair of ever even being able to come home to visit and show my husband all my memories. I miss you all with all my heart and soul and dream almost nightly of walking my hills again. I want a chance to make peace with all those to say this nicely and yet truthfully...all those who tormented me unmercifully, but I'd give all I have right now to be able to walk up to you, say "no hard feelings", shake your hands and sit and talk a spell!

I have been married 3 times, (good friends now w/ the first ex, can tolerate the 2nd ex), have 4 wonderful sons, 1 dau-in-law, one soon-to-be dau-in-law and a few really cool ex-girlfriends I miss. (My sons' gf's, that is, not mine! LOL) I have 12 grandchildren, (some step-grandchildren), only a couple close enough to spoil rotten! I have worked in customer service and child care all my adult life, but have recently quit working when I developed severe nerve damage in my legs. Because of my husband's severe handicap, we live in an elderly/handicapped complex that ROCKS! Esp compared to what we moved out of just recently.

My husband is a 20 year retired correctional officer who has driven truck, been a farm worker and has been various kinds of private security ever since. He's now disabled and retired fully - we have discovered that we actually CAN live totally together 24/7! It CAN be done, who knew? LOL!!

That's about it right now. No great and exciting life to tell, but I'm happy, my kids are happy and they turned out really excellent despite their mixed-up upbringing! Who can ask for more?

School Story:

Well, I only attended TL my ninth grade year and then "Cap the Knife", (may his soul rot in Hades forever), decided to close my father's gov't dept. and they had to move to MD. My parents shipped me off to a couple of boarding schools, both of which I eventually got kicked out of, (one took eight weeks, one took 2 years), so I went to 10th and 11th grade at Washington College Academy in Limestone TN, and then "came home", (not MY home), to graduate from Gaithersburg HS, Gaithersburg MD, which coincidentally had blue and gold school colors and was the Trojans! I at least held on to that much...

I've got lots of funny stories of my time at WCA, but it wouldn't mean much to you guys.

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Posted: Mar 09, 2014 at 12:00 AM
Lowell and Christine Hall, 2008
Posted: Mar 09, 2014 at 12:00 AM
The girl to the left is no longer part of our family, (unfortunately), her name is Kendra, but this is Bruce and his brother, Rick and Rick's family, (L-R, little Ricky, Christianna, Diana). Bruce's boot camp graduation, 06-07
Posted: Mar 09, 2014 at 12:00 AM
This is a good pic of my oldest three sons, L-R, Raymond (Raym), Robert and Rick. Christmas 2007
Posted: Mar 09, 2014 at 12:00 AM
Christmas 2007, L-R, (front row), my ex-mom-in-law, Jean, Sam, (Rick’s wife), Robert and Tony, my ex-bro-in-law, (back row), my first ex, Raymond, holding Diana, (yes, we ate Christmas dinner at his mother's house, weird, I know!), Raym, Rick, me holding Christianna, Lydia, (no longer part of our family, unfortunately), holding little Ricky. Of course, I'm trying to give Rick and Lydia the obligatory "bunny ears"; can't have at least one pic w/o them! :)