In Memory

Tim Slevin

Deceased Classmate: Tim Slevin
Date Deceased: Sept-18-2009
Age at Death: 51
Cause of Death: cancer
Classmate City: Sonoma
Classmate State: CA
Classmate Country: USA
Survived By: Children Tim Jr., Riane and Brandon ex-wife Terry Brothers Scott, Frankie and Danny Sisters Linda and Chris Father Frank Slevin Mother Arlene Cohen

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10/13/11 11:56 PM #1    

Jon Amdur

I don't usually leave messages like this and I have no idea if anyone will ever read this, but Tim was one of the funniest and most spirted people I have ever met. Yes, he corrupted me, got me in trouble on occasion, but he made me laugh harder than anyone I have ever known. I really didn't know that much about his family life. I know he was raised by "Grandpa Dago" and that drinking "little beers" while you were driving was okay with the police. I also learned from Tim  that going hunting and bringing guns onto a State Correctional Facility was really okay even though the signs said it was a federal offense. I also know that his brother "Snot" was apparently very different, but clearly still a Slevin.

Tim had a lot of life in him. He may be gone, but I can tell you as long as I knew him, he lived more in a year than I did in two. So Tim really lived to be over 100 in Slevin Years.

I have no idea what kind of man Tim ended up being since I didn't talk to him for over 30-years. I hope he was as fun as an adult as he was as a kid.

When I think back on my teen years, although Tim wasn't the biggest part, he was the most memorable. I think of him often and I always will.

Cancer sucks. It takes too many too soon.

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